The main role of the motorcycle battery is to deliver a strong burst of energyto crank the bike engineover from cold.Performance,single cylinder and long-strokeengines require a big charge of energy to start, so a good , reliable battery is essential to supply this burst of power.Lucas motorcycle batteries bring together a winning combination of leading edge technology,robust design and precision engineering for most motorcycle,off-road and performance bike applications.The built-in qualities of exceptioal starting power-up to 30% more than traditional batteries-and the high resilience to deep,repateddischargemake this range of batteries the power sourse of choice, for bike owners throughout the uk.Wheather the need is for a long-life,everydaybattery,or a high performance energy sourse,Lucas can supply the solution.The Lucas range of motorcycle batteries have been designed to fit a wide range of applications,fromperformance bikes to scooters.From everyday bikes to quads.