The lucas range of deep cycle mobility batteries are the perfect choice for powered wheelchairs,electric scooters ,lifts and hoists.These quality manufactued batteries are capable of delivering up to 30% more deep cycling,making them a reliable source of power for more trips , longer journeys and longer life.Every battery is completely maintenance free, totally sealed - no spillage and safe to transport.Powered wheelchairs and scooters are onlyas reliable as the source of power driving them and with Lucas Mobility Batteries that source is tested,guaranteed and quality assured.Lucas Mobility Batteries incorparate Absorent Glass Mat (AGM) technology, giving customers the choice of quality at a low price,and a longer -life solution.These batteries are geared to fit virtually any wheelchair and scooter application, as well as awide range of mobility lifs and hoists-providing the power to suit people's lifestyle and needs.