About Plymouth Battery Centre

There is a wide range of batteries available on the market today and choosing the right one for a particular application is most important. Simply installing the biggest truck or commercial starter battery that will fit into your battery box will not necessarily provide a trouble free efficient power source.

There is often confusion between the different types – starter batteries as the name suggests are designed to provide a given amount of cranking amps (CCA) for a short period to start an engine and having done so immediately recharged by an alternator or generator. Using this short of battery to run domestic loads (lights, fridge, etc) is not to be recommended and and will severely shorten both battery life and efficiently.

Deep cycle batteries however are designed for the purpose and are capable of resisting deep and repeated discharge cycles and subsequent recharge. They have two or three time the cyclic range of a starter battery and will provide a reliable performance for much longer and are available in a variety of forms i.e. wet, sealed, gel etc.

Modern technology, electronic navigation aids, computers, inverters and the growing demand for all the home comforts on board boats, in caravans, mobile homes and holiday homes have created an ever-increasing requirement for greater capacity and more efficient power sources. Size, weight and safety are the usual considerations and whilst there will always be limitations in this respect the manufacturers have responded with a variety of product.

Comprehensive range covers 100% of Car and Motorcycle fitments.
Maintenance free quality assured.
Kamina safety venting (used on Audi, BMW, Mercedes).
Diesel Range.
Special Taxi Range.

Original Equipment Specification.
Single Range covers 99% of all Japanese Fitments.
Fully Guaranteed.

At PBC we undersatnd about batteries – over 20 years of experience – supplier to many boat, caravan and motor home manufacturuers, and leaders in aftermarket sales and distribution.
It is in correct to say a certain type of battery is better, the key is to use a battery that best suits your application.
There a three ‘popular’ types of battery manufactured today.
Flooded Lead Acid (FLA)
Absorbed Glass MAt (AGM), a totally sealed battery giving high starting performance and deep cycling capacity
Gel (GEL) – this actually is simular to AGM, except that an immobilised electrolyte is used. GEL cells will not stratify, thicker plates are used (3.4mm) and are more tolerant to higher temperature.

The Plymouth Battery Centre’s range of commercial batteries is well established in the marketplace, offering products to suit the needs of the trade distributors, fleet managers and small businesses.
Absolute compatibility, DETA supply the same batteries as original equipment to Europe’s leading manufacturers including, Audi, Class, Ford, Case International, MAN Mercedes Benz, Porsche, BMW and Volkswagen

SOLARA – Modules made-to-measure
Of the same renowned quality i.e. the same construction as the SOLARA MODULE M-series. Regardless of where the module is to be installed, you can have a Solara module made to measure. Any shape can be built up to 120cm length and 66cm width.

Car, Commercial, Marine, Motorcycle, Garden Tractor, Jet Ski, Wheel Chair, Golf Trolley, Leisure, Traction, Standby Power, Mobility, Sla, Gel, Semi Traction.