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There is a wide range of batteries available on the market today and choosing the right one for a particular application is most important. Simply installing the biggest truck or commercial starter battery that will fit into your battery box will not necessarily provide a trouble free efficient power source.

There is often confusion between the different types – starter batteries as the name suggests are designed to provide a given amount of cranking amps (CCA) for a short period to start an engine and having done so immediately recharged by an alternator or generator. Using this short of battery to run domestic loads (lights, fridge, etc) is not to be recommended and and will severely shorten both battery life and efficiently.
Deep cycle batteries however are designed for the purpose and are capable of resisting deep and repeated discharge cycles and subsequent recharge. They have two or three time the cyclic range of a starter battery and will provide a reliable performance for much longer and are available in a variety of forms i.e. wet, sealed, gel etc.

Modern technology, electronic navigation aids, computers, inverters and the growing demand for all the home comforts on board boats, in caravans, mobile homes and holiday homes have created an ever-increasing requirement for greater capacity and more efficient power sources. Size, weight and safety are the usual considerations and whilst there will always be limitations in this respect the manufacturers have responded with a variety of product.


Comprehensive range covers 100% of Car and Motorcycle fitments.
Maintenance free quality assured.
Kamina safety venting (used on Audi, BMW, Mercedes).
Diesel Range.
Special Taxi Range.


Original Equipment Specification.
Single Range covers 99% of all Japanese Fitments.
Fully Guaranteed.


At PBC we undersatnd about batteries – over 20 years of experience – supplier to many boat, caravan and motor home manufacturuers, and leaders in aftermarket sales and distribution.
It is in correct to say a certain type of battery is better, the key is to use a battery that best suits your application.
There a three ‘popular’ types of battery manufactured today.
Flooded Lead Acid (FLA)
Absorbed Glass MAt (AGM), a totally sealed battery giving high starting performance and deep cycling capacity
Gel (GEL) – this actually is simular to AGM, except that an immobilised electrolyte is used. GEL cells will not stratify, thicker plates are used (3.4mm) and are more tolerant to higher temperature.


The Plymouth Battery Centre’s range of commercial batteries is well established in the marketplace, offering products to suit the needs of the trade distributors, fleet managers and small businesses.
Absolute compatibility, DETA supply the same batteries as original equipment to Europe’s leading manufacturers including, Audi, Class, Ford, Case International, MAN Mercedes Benz, Porsche, BMW and Volkswagen


Modules made-to-measure
Of the same renowned quality i.e. the same construction as the SOLARA MODULE M-series. Regardless of where the module is to be installed, you can have a Solara module made to measure. Any shape can be built up to 120cm length and 66cm width.


Car, Commercial, Marine, Motorcycle, Garden Tractor, Jet Ski, Wheel Chair, Golf Trolley, Leisure, Traction, Standby Power, Mobility, Sla, Gel, Semi Traction vrla

Plymouth Battery Centre are a Devon based company, our combined experience in the industry is in excess of 35 years and we pride ourselves not only on the quality and vast range of our  products, but our customer service. Here at Plymouth Battery Centre we carry the the biggest and widest range of stock in the south west, and remember we also offer a price promise and will not be beaten on any like for like product. Call and try us today.

We are in a constant cycle of self improvement and our biggest motivation is to provide our customers with consistently exemplary service on an ongoing basis. We are the biggest battery supplier in the southwest and are able to offer a delivery service across the whole of the UK. We are suppliers of Numax, Varta, Platinum, Exide, Monbat, Yuasa, Trojan, Crown, US, Avon and many many more.

If you have problem starting your vehicle we also provide a local delivery service and even a supply, fit and dispose service, just call us for  the best battery quote in the south west. And if you do happen to find cheaper quote you can take advantage of our nationwide price promise and we will beat any like for like product. If you are a regular golfer make sure your golf trolley battery is in top shape. We are able to fully test batteries in store and should you decide you need a new golf trolley battery we have a great selection of brands and prices. Please call our shop at Faraday Mill Trade Park, opposite MFI.

Plymouth Battery Centre was formed to fulfill the need for fast, efficient and continuous supply of lead acid batteries. Due to the success of the service offered the company has progressed rapidly and has expanded into virtually every market sector requiring a battery.

We are a unique service from one independent source. We are suppliers of all types of batteries to Plymouth, Liskeard, Bodmin, St Austell, Falmouth, Helston, Penzance, Redruth, Newquay, Wadebridge, Bodmin, Launceston, Bude, Bideford, Okehampton, Barnstaple, Exeter, Honiton, Taunton.

We were the pioneers of  batteries in the UK, being the first UK retailer to offer car batteries, leisure batteries and motorcycle batteries delivered to your door. We aim to offer the cheapest batteries on the web. In the unlikely event that you find a cheaper price on another website, we have a price beat guarantee so let us know! If you have any questions, or you’re looking for a battery not listed on our site, please contact us!

We offer a huge range of batteries for a wide range of applications. We offer Car Batteries, Leisure Batteries, Motorcycle Batteries, Battery Chargers, CMOS Cellpack Batteries, Golf Trolley Batteries, Jet Ski Batteries, Mobility Scooter Batteries, Wheelchair Batteries and other Specialist Batteries such as the famous brand Trojan Batteries.

  • Car Batteries

Car batteries are our speciality. We stock over 10 brands of car batteries to give our customers more choice than anywhere on the web or the high street. By stocking the Numax car battery, Varta Car Batteries, Delphi Car Batteries Platinum Car Battery, Exide Car Battery, Monbat car battery, Optima high performance car battery and many more, we pride ourselves in offering something for everyone by catering for those who are looking for the best of the best, or who are buying on a budget.

Alternatively, if you know which battery you require, head straight to our Car Batteries category. We have also pioneered another concept in determining the correct battery for your car; our Car Battery Wizard. Simply enter the dimensions and terminal layout of your current battery to find a match.
Our batteries cater for every type of car, from the popular Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Vectra to BMW 7 Series Mercedes and even Ferrari. As well as European cars, we cater for the massive engined American muscle cars and classic American cars. See our American Car Batteries section. Classic british cars are not forgotten with our full range of classic hard rubber car batteries to keep that vital, classic finish to make the most avid enthusiast proud. From classic cars to Japanese imports we won’t be beaten. Our range of extra high powered car batteries for imported vehicles has no comparison in the UK.

  • Motorcycle Batteries

Motorbike batteries are another of our popular lines. Bike electronics have progressed immensely in the last few years, having new technologies in line with cars such as ABS. These new electronic systems but pressure on the bike battery which has led to development of new motorcycle battery technology in the form of sealed motorcycle batteries.
We sell many brands of motocycle battery such as Varta Motorcycle Batteries, Varta LF (Sealed Bike Batteries), Westco Sealed Motorcycle Batteries, Varta Sealed Motorcycle Battery, Yuasa Motorcycle Battery, SVR motorbike batteries and Odyssey drycell batteries.

  • Leisure Batteries

At Plymouth battery centre choosing a leisure battery for your caravan, camper, motorhome or boat couldn’t be easier if you don’t know what to look for. At Plymouth Battery Centre we offer a wide range of leisure batteries to cater for all leisure applications. Leisure batteries can firstly be broken down to the standard wet lead acid battery type such as the Numax 85Ah Leisure battery and the Numax 110Ah Leisure Battery. Then there’s the wet sealed lead acid battery type such as the Numax CXV24MF 86Ah Sealed Leisure Battery the Gel Battery type such as the Sonnenschein Gel SL80 or the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Battery type like the Optima YT S 4.2 Battery.
We carry the full range of Numax Leisure Batteries, Numax Sealed Leisure Batteries, Optima Leisure Batteries, Sonnenschein Leisure Batteries and Varta Leisure Batteries. Our latest range of leisure batteries are the Elecsol Leisure Batteries range with a full 5 year guarantee.

To decide which type is best for you depends on a number of factors. The standard wet lead acid leisure battery is generally the cheapest on the market. They are cost effective but need maintaining and are more prone to damage caused by discharging and generally have a shorter service life than other leisure batteries. The sealed wet leisure battery needs no maintenance, will hold its charge for longer and are safer as they cannot leak electrolyte like a standard leisure battery. AGM and Gel leisure batteries are able to cope with more charge – discharge cycles during their service life and will hold their charge far longer. They are also used for more specialist applications as they do not gas as much as other batteries and are completely leak proof. The AGM batteries also have the advantage of being extremely resistant to vibration.

The next thing to consider when buying a leisure battery is what you’ll be running off the battery, like a fridge, lights, tv etc. If you calculate how many amps your appliances will be using it makes it a lot easier to select the correct leisure battery. Another consideration is whether you are going to be away from a charging source for certain periods of time. The longer you are away from a charging point the bigger the battery’s capacity (Ah figure) will have to be.
The battery’s capacity, measured in Amp Hours (Ah), is a measure of how much energy the battery can store. The bigger the Ah value the more energy can be stored and therefore will last longer between charges for similar loads. Generally the bigger the battery, the higher its Ah value will be. This is when you’ll have to compromise if your battery tray restricts you to a certain size of battery.
Whichever leisure battery you choose it will need to be kept in good condition to fulfill its maximum service life. This can be done by using a good charger to keep it charged when not in use. This keeps the battery healthy and prevents sulphation of the battery plates. For standard wet leisure batteries a simple battery charger can be used to charge it monthly when not in use. For sealed AGM and Gel leisure batteries it is best to use an automatic charger like the 4138 Gunson Automatic Battery Charger or the CTEK MULTI XS 3600 Charger. The CTEK MULTI XS 7000 Battery Charger will be needed for larger leisure batteries.

  • Mobility Scooter Batteries and Wheelchair Batteries

There are many different brands of mobility scooter battery and wheelchair batteries. At Plymouth Battery Centre we offer six brands to help cater for people buying on a budget to people looking for the best of the best. All of our mobility batteries are either sealed lead acid or gel. To choose the correct battery for your application you need to check the capacity (Ah) of the battery already on the scooter or wheelchair. Some mobility scooters/wheelchairs have room for larger batteries than the manufacturer has fitted which will give a greater journey range and longer time in between recharging.
A mobility scooter battery is classed by it’s Ah value in the following manner: 7Ah Mobility Batteries, 12Ah Mobility Batteries, 15Ah – 22Ah Mobility Batteries, 24Ah – 26Ah Mobility Batteries, 31Ah – 34Ah Mobility Batteries, 40Ah – 44Ah Mobility Batteries, 50Ah Mobility Batteries and 70Ah Mobility Batteries. These are the main values which differentiate the physical size of mobility scooter batteries. All of these sizes can be found on our website manufactured by Yuasa, Numax, MK, Sonnenschein, Platinum and Haze.

Most Mobility scooters and wheelchairs are fitted with two 12 Volt batteries wired in series to create a 24 Volt system. These two batetries are usually charged using an automatic 24V batetry charger. There are many types of mobility scooter charger depending on battery size and manufacturers unique plug system. The most popular is the three pin (3-pin) plug which inserts directly into the scooters battery system. If this is not the case a normal 24V automatic charger with crocodile clips can be used.
If you cannot decide on which battery you need, you can use our Mobility Scooter and Wheelchair Battery fitment guide or call us on 01752 227637 for assistance.

We offer five brands of golf trolley battery for all types of golf trolley. Our golf battery brands include Yuasa Golf Battery, Sonnenschein Golf Trolley Batteries, Numax Golf Batteries, Platinum Golf Batteries and Haze Golf Batteries.
We also stock all adaptors and fittings to suit HillBilly Golf trolley Batteries and PowaKaddy trolley batteries. We have recently added the 36 hole golf battery to our range giving higher performance than a standard golf battery. We have straps, handles and bags for our golf batteries as well as Torberry connectors.
To keep your golf battery in excellent condition we recommend using our Numax 4 Amp Golf Battery Charger, which will automatically charge, assess and maintain your golf battery to give you peace of mind that it will be ready to play when you are. If you need any advice on buying the correct battery please contact us and we’ll be only to happy to assist.

  • Lawnmower Batteries

We offer three brands of lawn mower battery for all types of lawnmower. The Varta YB14L-A2 (12N14-3A), Varta Y50-N18L-A and Varta SY50-N18L-A2 and the Numax 12N24-3 (895) and Numax 12N24-4 (896) and 53030 Exide Battery cover almost all lawnmowers available today. All batteries come charged and ready to fit. Our lawnmower batteries are always in stock and are delivered using our next day service. If you are looking for a charger for your lawn mower battery the Gunson 4138 Battery Charger or CTEK XS 800 Battery Charger are suitable.

  • ATV Quad Bike Battery

We sell batteries for all types of vehicles. ATV’s and quad bikes use a number of batteries from our motorcycle battery range. Stocking the highest quality Varta, Westco and Kyoto batteries you can be sure we won’t let you down. These three ranges cover Batteries made by other manufacturers like Fiamm Yuasa and Exide. The more serious user may be tempted to buy the unrivalled Odyssey battery, which gives massive cranking currents and ultra-durability.

  • Battery Chargers

We stock a wide range of battery chargers for many applications. All of our battery chargers are of a very high quality including our camcorder battery chargers made by Uniross, Wheelchair/mobility chargers made by MK and Numax, Motorcycle Battery chargers made by Optimate and Numax and the superb multipurpose battery chargers made by CTEK.

  • Jet Ski Batteries

Our Jetski and watercraft batteries are made by three manufacturers; Varta, Westco and Odyssey. Varta’s Jet ski batteries are both the standard wet type and the gel type. We have one Westco Jet ski battery which is a high powered gel type. Odyssey also have one Jet Ski battery which is the PC625 extra high powered sealed battery which out powers any other in its class. All jet ski batteries are kept in stock and are shipped using our next day delivery service.

  • Odyssey Batteries

Odyssey batteries are the ultimate battery for many applications such as motorcycles, quad bikes and jetskis. They are completely sealed with no breather vents and as such can be mounted in any orientation. They are constructed in a valve regulated AGM manner for long service life and ultimate safety. Here at Plymouth Battery Centre we carry nearly every variation of Odyssey battery available.

  • Elecsol Batteries

We have been selling the Elecsol Battery range for a number of years and it is proving to be a popular choice for leisure and marine customers alike. With the Elecsol Battery 5 year guarantee and carbon fibre technology it is hard to argue that you aren’t getting a great deal. The Elecsol range consists of six batteries to suit most needs. The Elecsol 70 is the smallest battery in the range with the largest Elecsol being the Elecsol 270. The most popular Elecsol batteries are the Elecsol 100Ah Battery and Elecsol 110Ah Battery. With capacities of 70Ah, 100Ah, 110Ah, 125Ah, 220Ah and 270Ah the Elecsol Battery range offers great choice and value for money.

  • Trojan Batteries

The Trojan battery company has been making batteries since 1925 and are now very much at the forefront of deep cycle battery technology with ongoing developments of the Trojan superior deep cycle battery. Here at Plymouth Battery Centre we have the widest range of Trojan batteries in Devon. Trojan batteries have an excellent reputation for quality, performance and reliability and are easily identified by their distinctive maroon coloured Trojan battery case.
Trojan batteries are used in many battery applications including; Trojan Marine Batteries, Golf, Trojan Aerial Work Platforms Batteries, Leisure, Recreational Vehicles, Renewable Energy and Floor Cleaning Machines. A popular Trojan battery application is its use on a Cherry Picker or Cherry Pickers.
The Trojan battery range consists of 6 volt Batteries, 8 volt Trojan Batteries and 12 volt Trojan Batteries and some can be used for starting applications as well as deep cycling. If you are interested in buying or just need advice please call our team at Plymouth Battery Centre on 01752 227637.

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